What If The Best Medicine Hasn't Been Invented Yet

What If The Best Medicine Hasn't Been Invented Yet


 For thousands of years, humans have borrowed the natural healing properties of plants, transferring the strength and goodness of herbs into mud packs, salves and teas. Root Tonic & Tea takes the best of traditional herbal wisdom to create a system of herbs that support the whole body… digestion, nervous system, cold & flu, concentration, joint & muscle and more –12 blends in all.

“Years ago I experienced a health crisis in which I recognized that my whole life would have to change,” says Adrain Chesser, co-founder and head curator for Root Tonic & Tea. “Pharmaceutical solutions and medications came with too many toxic side‐effects, so I began looking for things that I could put in my body that would be balancing, that would help my body to do what it does naturally.”

 “Along the way, I learned that the body knows how to heal itself. I learned this lesson from tea.”

Drinking tea is a humbling experience. You are literally drinking in the life force of a plant that’s been in a living state for far, far longer than we have. The plant has evolved over tens of thousands of years, building natural immunity all along the way. It’s connected to the earth, rooted in the soil. When you drink in tea, you are infusing your body with the plant’s “green” energy.

This green energy is something first described by Hildegard of Bingen, an 11th Century nun, writer and herbalist whose curiosity about nature led her to carefully observe the healing properties of herbs in her monastery garden.  She shared this knowledge freely with neighbors, popes and kings. Her work went on to inform natural medicine practice into our modern times.

Chesser says that the experience of drinking a wholesome herbal tea feels much different from popping an herbal supplement capsule. “You’d never think of taking a second helping of supplement capsules.  But tea is different. It’s more like food. Your body takes what it needs,” he says.

That’s perhaps one reason why so many people around the world reach for tea every day. It’s a beverage with many benefits – calming, soothing and, yes, medicinal.


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